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15 Warehouse Lead Skills for Your Career and Resume

Learn about the most important Warehouse Lead skills, how you can utilize them in the workplace, and what to list on your resume.

Safety Compliance

Safety compliance is the ability to ensure that all safety regulations are met in a workplace. This includes ensuring that employees have proper training, equipment and information about potential hazards. A warehouse lead with strong safety skills can help their team stay safe while working by providing them with necessary resources and enforcing safety protocols.


Teamwork is the ability to work with others in a group. A warehouse lead needs teamwork skills because they often supervise multiple employees at once. This position requires collaboration and cooperation between all members of the team, so it’s important for a warehouse lead to be able to work well with others.

Load Building

A warehouse lead needs to be able to build a load, which is the amount of product that can fit in a truck. This includes knowing how much space each item takes up and how many items will fit on a pallet. They also need to know how to create an efficient order for loading so they don’t have to repackage products or use more trucks than necessary.

Shipping & Receiving

This is a necessary skill for warehouse leads to have, as it involves the receiving and shipping of goods. You may need to know how to read and interpret shipping documents, understand what each shipment contains and where it needs to go. You also need to be familiar with the different types of shipments that can come in, such as truckloads or pallets.

Problem Solving

Problem solving is the ability to identify and resolve issues. As a warehouse lead, you may need to solve problems that arise during production or delivery of products. You can use problem-solving skills when resolving conflicts between coworkers or customers, as well as when identifying potential hazards in the workplace.

Decision Making

A warehouse lead needs to be able to make decisions quickly and accurately. They often have to decide which items should go where in the storage area, how much of a product they need to order for their customers and what equipment is needed to fulfill an order. Making quick and accurate decisions can help them keep their inventory organized and ensure that their team members are working efficiently.


Leadership is the ability to motivate and guide others. A warehouse lead needs strong leadership skills to direct their team members in completing tasks, ensuring they understand how to do their job correctly and keeping everyone on task. Strong leadership also involves providing feedback and guidance when needed. You can use your leadership skills to help train new employees as well.

Quality Control

Quality control is the ability to ensure that products are free of defects and meet customer expectations. As a warehouse lead, you may be responsible for ensuring that all products shipped from your company are in good condition. You can also use quality control skills when inspecting incoming shipments to make sure they’re safe for storage or consumption.


Packaging is the process of preparing products for shipment. This includes applying labels, sealing containers and filling out paperwork. Warehouse leads often have to package items before they can be sent to customers. Having strong packaging skills ensures that your team members are able to complete this task efficiently. You can also teach them how to use different types of packaging materials so they can choose the most efficient option for each product type.

Forklift Operation

A warehouse lead needs to know how to operate a forklift, which is a machine that can move heavy objects. This skill allows you to move materials and products throughout the warehouse efficiently. It’s important to be able to read and understand safety regulations for operating a forklift so you can keep yourself and others safe while working.


Organization is the ability to keep track of information and materials. A warehouse lead needs organizational skills so they can find what they need when needed. They also use organization to ensure their team has all the necessary equipment, supplies and paperwork for each task. Strong organizational skills help a warehouse lead plan effectively and complete projects on time.

Inventory Management

A warehouse lead needs to be able to manage the inventory of their company. This includes knowing what products are in stock, how much is available and where it’s located. It also means ensuring that all incoming shipments are properly received and stored so they can be retrieved when needed. Finally, a warehouse lead should know how to track inventory levels over time to identify trends and make adjustments as necessary.

Order Picking

Order picking is the process of locating and retrieving items from storage to fulfill customer orders. It’s important for a warehouse lead to have strong order-picking skills because it allows them to ensure that all incoming and outgoing shipments are complete and accurate. This ensures that customers receive their products on time and that the warehouse team has the necessary materials to fill future orders.


Communication is the ability to convey information clearly and concisely. As a warehouse lead, you may need to communicate with other members of your team as well as supervisors or managers. Strong communication skills can help you relay instructions effectively and ensure everyone understands what you’re saying. It’s also important to be able to listen to others so that you can understand their needs and respond accordingly.


Flexibility is the ability to adapt to changing circumstances. As a warehouse lead, you may need to change your plans or shift priorities quickly. You can demonstrate flexibility by adapting to new situations and challenges with ease. Flexibility also means being open to learning new skills that might help you advance in your career.

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