What is Administrative Professionals Day?

Administrative Professionals Day celebrates the work that administrative professionals do in their companies and organizations.

Administrative Professionals Day celebrates the work that administrative professionals do in their companies and organizations. Communities first celebrated administrative professionals in 1952, and they called the celebration National Secretaries Day. As the position has evolved in the modern workforce, so has the name. 

What is an Administrative Professional

Administrative professionals provide valuable work, supporting administrators and other employees. They often work behind the scenes making sure that each day flows smoothly, scheduling meetings, managing emails, and tackling projects, all under strict deadlines. 

This group of professionals completes many office-related tasks so their administrators can work with clients and other employees to grow the business. Without administrative professionals, managers and other leaders could be mired down with replying to emails, scheduling meetings, and organizing documents. 

Why Celebrate Administrative Professionals

With so many professionals working from home, administrative professionals are more important than ever. They manage communications from remote workers and help them stay engaged with each other despite their physical distances. Because of the new normal of working from home, administrative professionals deserve celebrations. 

The International Association of Administrative Professionals sponsors this special day that falls on the same day each year: Wednesday in the final full week of April. All companies with administrative professionals should take time to recognize and honor their flexibility, creativity, and reliability. 

How to Celebrate Administrative Professionals Day

Whether your office works remotely or is meeting in person, you can celebrate your administrative professionals. Show that you care with a celebration that fits your organization’s culture and your administrative professional’s personality. 

Gift Cards

Employees appreciate receiving gift cards for their favorite restaurants and stores, but you should can consider giving a gift card to a relaxing spa or a few nights in a nearby resort for an administrative professional. Your administrative professional will appreciate having an opportunity to indulge and relax away from the office. 

If you give a gift card that requires time away from the office, include that with the gift. Your administrative professional should not have to take an unpaid day off to enjoy some pampering. You could give your administrative professional a few hours off to enjoy the spa or a long weekend to get to the resort. Make sure the time off is paid. 

Words from the Staff

Along with a gift, your office can share kind words on this day. With a card, banner, or video, employees can share friendly words of thanks and admiration for your office’s administrative professionals. Employees appreciate receiving public acknowledgments for the work they do. That support can keep people going despite workplace challenges. 

Training and Opportunities

With rapidly-changing technology, administrative professionals often need training. You can show appreciation by providing training and offering bonuses for learning new skills. If your administrative professional is working on a degree or certificate, you can celebrate their hard work by reimbursing their tuition.

Some administrative professionals might enjoy the opportunity to take on a special project. When you offer training or opportunities for growth, you show your administrative professionals that you value them. 

Fill the Week with Celebrations

If you are unable to provide a substantial gift, consider celebrating throughout the week. For example, you could bring in bagels and toppings on Monday, ten-minute chair massages at lunch on Tuesday, and desserts on Wednesday. On Thursday, you could have charcuterie trays in the office, and on Friday, you could lighten the dress code and bring in a celebratory cake. 

Administrative professionals provide valuable services for businesses and organizations of all sizes. They deserve thanks and recognition, so plan a celebration that shows you appreciate all that they do. 


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