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Wilderness Guide Cover Letter Examples & Writing Tips

Use these Wilderness Guide cover letter examples and writing tips to help you write a powerful cover letter that will separate you from the competition.

Wilderness guides lead outdoor excursions for people who want to experience nature. They must be knowledgeable about the area they’re guiding in, as well as the flora and fauna that live there.

To be a successful wilderness guide, you need to be patient, have excellent communication skills, and be able to work under difficult conditions.

Use these examples and tips to write a wilderness guide cover letter that will show hiring managers that you’re the perfect candidate for the job.

Wilderness Guide Cover Letter Example 1

I am excited to be applying for the Wilderness Guide position at the Sierra National Forest. I have worked as a Wilderness Guide for the past six years, and I firmly believe that my skills and experience would be an excellent fit for this position.

I have a deep love and respect for nature, and I take great pride in helping people connect with the wilderness. I am an experienced backcountry traveler and have a comprehensive knowledge of the flora and fauna in the Sierra National Forest. I am also an expert in Leave No Trace principles and can provide instruction in safe and responsible backcountry travel.

In addition to my skills as a Wilderness Guide, I am also an excellent teacher and communicator. I have a talent for making complex concepts easy to understand, and I enjoy sharing my love of nature with others. I am confident that I can provide a high level of customer service and support to the visitors of the Sierra National Forest.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to learning more about the Wilderness Guide position and how I might be a good fit for your team. I am a lifelong learner and I am committed to continuing to grow as a Wilderness Guide. I am confident that I have the skills and experience to be a valuable member of your team.

Wilderness Guide Cover Letter Example 2

I am writing to apply for the Wilderness Guide position that was recently advertised on your website. I am confident that I have the skills and experience that you are looking for, and I am eager to put my abilities to work for your company.

I have been working as a Wilderness Guide for the past three years, and during that time I have developed a strong understanding of the necessary skills and abilities. I am an experienced outdoorsman, and I have a deep knowledge of the flora and fauna in the area. I am also an excellent teacher, and I have a proven track record of teaching people of all ages how to enjoy the outdoors safely and responsibly.

In addition to my skills and experience, I am also a highly motivated and hard-working individual. I am always eager to take on new challenges and I am never satisfied with mediocrity. I am confident that I have the drive and determination to succeed in this role and exceed your expectations.

I would like to thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Your name

Wilderness Guide Cover Letter Example 3

I am writing to express my interest in the Wilderness Guide position that you have posted. I believe that I would be a great addition to your team and would love the opportunity to work with you.

I have been working as a wilderness guide for the past five years, and I have loved every minute of it. I love being outdoors and exploring new places. I also love sharing my passion for nature with others. I find that people who are not as familiar with nature often don’t know how to appreciate it or what to look for. I enjoy teaching them about the different plants and animals that they encounter on their trips.

I am also very good at leading groups of people through the wilderness. I have extensive experience in leading groups of all sizes through various terrains and weather conditions. I am also skilled at setting up camp and preparing meals for large groups of people. This is an important skill because it helps me keep everyone safe while we are out in the wilderness.

I am confident that I would be a valuable addition to your team, and I would love the chance to meet with you in person to discuss my qualifications further. Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear from you soon.

Wilderness Guide Cover Letter Writing Tips

1. Show your passion for the outdoors

When applying for a job as a wilderness guide, it’s important to show your passion for the outdoors and working with people. One way to do this is by providing specific examples of how you’ve helped people connect with nature.

For example, you might talk about how you’ve led hikes and nature walks, taught people about the local flora and fauna, or organized camping trips. You could also describe any challenges you faced while working with people in the outdoors and how you overcame them.

2. Highlight your customer service skills

As a wilderness guide, you’ll be responsible for ensuring the safety and satisfaction of your clients. To show hiring managers that you have the necessary skills for the job, highlight your customer service experience in your cover letter.

Talk about how you’ve gone above and beyond to help customers, dealt with difficult situations, or provided excellent customer service. You can also mention any awards or recognition you’ve received for your work in customer service.

3. Tailor your cover letter to the job description

The best way to make sure your cover letter is tailored for a specific job is by paying close attention to the details of the position. For example, if you see that an entry-level wilderness guide opening requires two years of experience in one type of activity and five years’ experience in another type, then highlight any relevant experience you have in those areas.

If there are any additional requirements or skills mentioned for that job, also list them on your application; this will help make it clear how you can meet their needs.

4. Proofread your cover letter

Proofreading your cover letter is the first step to landing an interview for a wilderness guide position. As with any position, it’s important to spell-check and double-check that there are no errors in your resume or cover letter. Otherwise, you risk being disqualified before the employer even sees your qualifications.


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