Youth Worker Resume Example & Writing Guide

Use this Youth Worker resume example and guide to improve your career and write a powerful resume that will separate you from the competition.

Youth workers are in high demand these days—and for good reason. Youth workers are passionate about helping young people grow into healthy adults. They believe in the power of mentorship, guidance, and encouragement to help kids discover their strengths and passions. And they’re committed to fostering an environment that’s both safe and supportive.

Because youth workers have such a large role in shaping young people’s lives, they need to be resilient, resourceful, organized, and compassionate. They need to be able to think on their feet, respond to crisis situations, and be proactive in preventing them from happening in the first place. Youth workers need to be able to empathize with their young clients, while also maintaining professional boundaries. And they need to be able to navigate the complex world of education policy, school rules, and regulations.

Here are some tips and an example to help you write a youth worker resume that hiring managers will love.

Michael Garcia
Los Angeles, CA | (123) 456-7891 | [email protected]

Dedicated youth worker with 10 years of experience building relationships with adolescents and young adults. Strengths include creating safe and supportive environments, developing trusting relationships, and implementing innovative programs. Passionate about working with youth to help them reach their full potential.

University of California, Santa Cruz Jun '10
B.A. in Psychology
Company A, Youth Worker Jan '17 – Current
  • Led a team of 5 youth workers to deliver engaging and effective programs for children aged 3-18 in the community.
  • Developed, organized, and implemented new programming based on needs identified by staff and participants.
  • Collaborated with other program leaders to ensure that all programming is age appropriate and meets the needs of our population.
  • Provided support to youth workers through training opportunities as well as one-on-one coaching when needed.
  • Maintained accurate records related to attendance, behavior, etc., for each participant served and reported findings at regular meetings with supervisors.
Company B, Youth Worker Jan '12 – Dec '16
  • Assisted in the development of a new program for at-risk youth that focused on life skills and conflict resolution
  • Collaborated with local high schools to create an internship program for at-risk students
  • Conducted weekly group counseling sessions, one-on-one counseling, and crisis intervention meetings as needed
  • Supervised recreational activities such as hiking trips, camping excursions, and sporting events
  • Provided individualized case management services based on each client’s needs and goals
Company C, Case Manager Jan '09 – Dec '11
  • Trained and supported the integration of 12 foster children into the community; assisted with arranging medical examinations, transportation to doctors’ appointments, shopping for school uniforms, and other daily living needs such as finding suitable accommodations.
  • Provided family therapy sessions in Mandarin Chinese to families who are unable to speak or comprehend English.
  • Coordinated and organized activities for at-risk youth including cooking classes, fitness training, counseling services, tutoring programs, etc.; conducted home visits/assessments on new referrals to ensure that children’s safety is not put at risk prior to placement in a new environment.

Industry Knowledge: Community Outreach, Child Development, Youth Development, Basic First Aid
Technical Skills: Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Creative Suite, Google Suite, WordPress, Constant Contact, Mailchimp, Salesforce
Soft Skills: Communication, Teamwork, Leadership, Problem Solving, Creativity, Time Management, Empathy

How to Write a Youth Worker Resume

Here’s how to write a youth worker resume of your own.

Write Compelling Bullet Points

Rather than simply listing your responsibilities, use the bullet points to provide more detail about your contributions. For example, rather than saying you “supervised youth in after-school program,” you could say that you “supervised 10 youth in after-school program, providing academic support and enrichment activities, resulting in a 10% increase in graduation rates over two years.”

The second bullet point provides more detail about what exactly you did and the results of your work. And it also provides a specific number to demonstrate the scale of your work—10 youth!

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Identify and Include Relevant Keywords

When you submit your resume online, it’s likely that it will be scanned by an applicant tracking system (ATS) for certain keywords. This system looks for certain terms related to the job opening, like “youth development” or “mentoring,” in order to determine whether your skills and experience are a match for the position. If your resume doesn’t include enough relevant keywords, the ATS might discard your application.

To make sure your resume makes it past the ATS, focus on including keywords throughout all sections of your application. You can use the list below as a starting point, but be sure to add more relevant terms where they fit:

  • Youth Work
  • Social Media
  • Community Outreach
  • Nonprofit Organizations
  • Working with Adolescents
  • Social Services
  • Program Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Event Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Fundraising
  • Teamwork
  • Youth Development
  • Group Therapy
  • Research
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Event Management
  • Microsoft Access
  • Communication
  • Psychology
  • Personal Development
  • Coaching
  • Team Building
  • Customer Service
  • Facilitation
  • Team Leadership
  • Organization Skills
  • Leadership
  • Volunteer Management
  • Teaching

Showcase Your Technical Skills

As a youth worker, you need to be proficient in a variety of technologies in order to effectively do your job. This might include familiarity with social media platforms, communication software, and counseling programs. Additionally, many youth organizations are now using online tools and resources to support their programming, so it’s important to be familiar with these platforms.

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