20 Chili’s Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Chili's.

Chili’s is a popular chain restaurant known for its Tex-Mex cuisine. If you’re interviewing for a job at Chili’s, you can expect to be asked questions about your experience in the restaurant industry, your ability to handle customer service issues, and your knowledge of Chili’s menu items.

To help you prepare for your interview, we’ve compiled a list of sample Chili’s interview questions and answers.

Chili’s Interview Process

The interview process at Chili’s can vary depending on the position you are applying for. For entry-level positions, such as Server, Line Cook, Hostess, and Dishwasher, the interview process is typically fairly straightforward and consists of one or two interviews. For management positions, such as Restaurant Manager, the interview process may be more extensive and include multiple rounds of interviews. Overall, the interview process is generally not too difficult, although some applicants have found the behavioral interview questions to be challenging. Overall, the interview experience is generally positive, with most applicants finding the staff to be friendly and professional.

1. What is your favorite dish to eat at Chili’s?

This question is a great way to see if you have experience with the menu. It also shows that you are passionate about food and enjoy eating out. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention a dish that you would like to try or one that you haven’t had in a while.

Example: “My favorite Chili’s dish is the Fiery Enchilada Burger. I love spicy foods, so this burger is right up my alley. The combination of flavors really makes me feel like I’m getting something new every time I order it. I think I could put together some amazing combinations on the Chili’s menu.”

2. Do you have any experience working in a kitchen environment?

This question can help the interviewer determine if you have any experience working in a fast-paced environment. If you do, they may ask you more questions about your previous job to learn more about your skills and how they might apply to this role. If you don’t have experience working in a kitchen, you can talk about other experiences that are similar, such as working in a restaurant or food service setting.

Example: “I worked at a local burger joint for two years while I was in college. It was a very busy place, so I got used to working quickly and efficiently. I also learned some valuable customer service skills there.”

3. How would you handle an irate customer?

As a server, you may encounter customers who are upset about something. Interviewers ask this question to make sure you have the interpersonal skills necessary to diffuse tense situations and keep them from escalating. In your answer, explain how you would use your communication skills to calm the customer down and resolve their issue as quickly as possible.

Example: “I once had a customer who was upset because they didn’t like their meal. I listened to what they were saying and tried to understand where they were coming from. Then, I explained that we always strive for excellent service and quality food at Chili’s. I offered to replace their meal or give them a discount on it. They agreed to try another dish, and after eating it, they seemed satisfied with it.”

4. Can you work well under pressure?

Chili’s is a fast-paced environment, and the interviewer wants to make sure you can handle it. They want to know that you have experience working in high-pressure situations and how you react to them. Use examples from your previous job or talk about what you would do if faced with this situation.

Example: “I’ve worked in restaurants for five years now, so I’m used to being under pressure. However, I always try my best to stay calm and focused on the task at hand. If there are multiple orders coming in at once, I prioritize which ones need to be done first. Then, I work on the others as quickly as possible. This helps me get through the rush without making any mistakes.”

5. Tell me about a time someone complained about the food and what did you do?

Chili’s is a restaurant that serves food, so it’s likely you’ll have to deal with customers who are unhappy about their meals. Employers ask this question to make sure you know how to handle these situations and keep them calm. In your answer, try to show the employer that you can be empathetic while also making sure they’re happy with their meal.

Example: “I once had a customer come back to our station because she wasn’t happy with her meal. I apologized for the inconvenience and asked what was wrong. She said there were too many beans in her chili. I explained that we prepare all of our dishes fresh and sometimes things change when they’re served. She seemed satisfied with my response and left.”

6. Describe a time when you had to be very attentive to detail.

Attention to detail is an important skill for servers, as it helps them ensure they’re providing customers with the correct orders and that their tables are clean. When answering this question, you can describe a time when you noticed something was wrong or made sure your work was accurate.

Example: “When I worked at my previous job, we had a lot of daily specials. One day, I was working a lunch shift and one of our special meals wasn’t available. I checked with my manager to make sure there weren’t any other specials before telling the customer. My manager confirmed there were no more specials, so I told the customer about the situation and offered her another meal on the house.”

7. Are you comfortable serving alcohol?

Chili’s is a restaurant that serves alcohol, so the interviewer wants to make sure you’re comfortable serving it. They want to know if you’ve ever had any issues with underage drinking or other problems while working in a similar environment. Your answer should show your ability to handle this responsibility and remain calm under pressure.

Example: “I have worked at bars before, so I am very familiar with how to serve alcohol responsibly. In fact, I think Chili’s has some of the best training for their servers when it comes to knowing how to spot fake IDs and prevent minors from ordering alcohol. I’m confident in my abilities to keep our guests safe and ensure they are having a good time.”

8. If you could change one thing about this restaurant, what would it be?

This question is a way for the interviewer to assess your problem-solving skills and how you would implement change. Your answer should show that you are willing to make improvements, but also highlight what you like about working at Chili’s.

Example: “If I could change one thing about this restaurant, it would be the music. I think we need more upbeat songs during dinner service. Customers get in the mood for fun when they hear lively music while waiting for their food. It makes them feel more comfortable and relaxed so they can enjoy their meal.”

9. Have you ever worked with a difficult manager? How did you resolve the situation?

Chili’s wants to know that you can work well with others and resolve conflicts. This question also helps the interviewer determine if you would be a good fit for their team. When answering this question, it is important to show your ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with others.

Example: “I once had a manager who was very critical of my work. I tried to approach her about it but she didn’t seem interested in hearing what I had to say. Instead, I started looking for another job. She eventually found out and asked me why I was looking for another job. I told her how unhappy I was working there because of her criticism. She apologized and promised to change her behavior. We then worked together to find ways to improve my performance.”

10. Why do you want to work for Chili’s?

This question is a great way for the interviewer to learn more about your interest in working at Chili’s. They want to know that you’re passionate about their company and what it offers customers. When answering this question, make sure to highlight some of the aspects of the job or company that excite you.

Example: “Chili’s has always been my favorite restaurant because of its laid-back atmosphere and delicious food. I’ve worked in restaurants before, but none have offered quite as many options on the menu or such friendly staff members. I’m excited to work here because I think I can really thrive in this environment.”

11. How well do you work as part of a team?

Teamwork is an important skill for any restaurant employee. Team members need to work together to ensure customers have a positive experience and receive their food in a timely manner. Your answer should show the interviewer that you are willing to collaborate with your coworkers.

Example: “I am very comfortable working as part of a team. I enjoy helping my coworkers when they need it, and I think it’s important to be open to feedback from others. In my last job, I was often asked to help other servers who were having trouble with orders or customer questions. I always tried to do so without making them feel like I was showing off.”

12. What are some of your strengths and weaknesses?

This question is a common one in interviews, and it’s important to answer honestly. Employers ask this question because they want to know what you’re good at and where you can improve. When answering this question, be sure to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses.

Example: “I am very organized and detail-oriented, which helps me stay on top of my work. I also have excellent communication skills, so I’m able to clearly explain things to customers and other team members. One area I could improve is my ability to multitask. Sometimes I get overwhelmed when there are many tasks that need to be completed at once.”

13. What makes you a great server or hostess?

This question is an opportunity to show your passion for the hospitality industry and how you can make customers’ experiences at Chili’s more enjoyable. When answering this question, it can be helpful to highlight a specific skill or trait that makes you stand out from other servers or hostesses.

Example: “I am passionate about making sure my guests have a great experience when they come in to eat. I always greet them with a smile and try to anticipate their needs before they ask for anything. For example, if someone looks like they need a refill on their drink, I will bring over another one without being asked. This helps me ensure that everyone has what they need so they can enjoy their meal.”

14. Are you available on weekends and holidays?

Chili’s is a popular restaurant chain that operates during peak hours. The interviewer wants to know if you are available on weekends and holidays, as these are the busiest times for Chili’s restaurants. If you have availability on these days, explain why you’re able to work them.

Example: “I am available on weekends and holidays because I enjoy working in a fast-paced environment where there are many customers to serve. I’m also used to working long shifts, so I don’t mind staying late or coming in early when needed.”

15. What does good customer service mean to you?

Chili’s is a restaurant that prides itself on excellent customer service. They want to make sure you understand what good customer service looks like and how it can help Chili’s succeed as a company. When answering this question, try to focus on the importance of providing quality service to customers. Explain how doing so will benefit both Chili’s and yourself.

Example: “Good customer service means making sure every guest leaves happy. It means going above and beyond for them when they need something or have a question. I believe that if you treat your guests well, they’ll come back again and tell their friends about your restaurant. This leads to more business and helps Chili’s grow.”

16. How would you deal with a coworker stealing tips?

This question can help interviewers assess your ability to work with others and resolve conflicts. Use examples from previous experiences where you helped a coworker or resolved conflict with another employee.

Example: “I once worked with a server who was stealing tips from customers. I noticed this because the restaurant had implemented a new system that tracked all of our sales, including tips. When I approached my coworker about it, she denied it at first but eventually admitted to taking some tips. We talked about how important her job was to her and how much she loved working there. She agreed to return the money she took and promised not to do it again.”

17. What was the most challenging aspect of your last job?

This question can help the interviewer determine how you handle challenges and whether you’re willing to take on new responsibilities. When answering this question, it’s important to be honest about your answer but also highlight what steps you took to overcome that challenge.

Example: “The most challenging aspect of my last job was when we were short-staffed during a busy rush hour. We had several servers call out at once, which left us with only two servers for our entire restaurant. I immediately called in some backup staff members from other areas of the restaurant so they could help serve customers while I helped cover the front of the house. This situation taught me that no matter what happens, I need to stay calm and work through any challenges that arise.”

18. Provide an example of how you handled a stressful work situation.

When answering this question, it can be helpful to think of a time when you had to manage multiple tasks at once. This is an opportunity for the hiring manager to see how you handle pressure and whether or not you have experience with multitasking.

Example: “In my previous role as a server, I was responsible for taking orders, delivering food and drinks, refilling water glasses and handling any customer concerns. One night, there were several large parties in the restaurant that required extra attention from myself and other servers. While working through these busy times, I learned to prioritize tasks so I could ensure all customers received their meals within a reasonable amount of time.”

19. Where else have you applied to recently?

This question is a great way to learn more about the applicant’s job search. It can also be an opportunity for you to show your enthusiasm for working at Chili’s and why it’s different from other places you’ve applied to. If you have recently applied to other restaurants, retail stores or food service locations, consider mentioning them briefly in your answer.

Example: “I’m currently applying to several other restaurants in the area. I love the idea of being able to work with fresh ingredients every day, so I would love to find a place that has a similar focus on quality. However, Chili’s is unique because of its commitment to customer service. I think this restaurant chain really values its employees and wants to make sure we’re happy.”

20. Would you consider yourself more of a leader or a follower?

Chili’s is a restaurant that offers leadership opportunities to its employees. The hiring manager wants to know if you’re comfortable taking on these responsibilities and how you would handle them. In your answer, explain what makes you a good leader or follower.

Example: “I consider myself more of a leader than a follower. I’m very motivated by my work and always want to do the best job possible. When I see something that needs improvement, I feel compelled to speak up about it. However, I also understand that there are times when it’s better to follow rather than lead. If someone else has a better idea, I’m happy to listen.”


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