20 Just Salad Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Just Salad.

When it comes to interviews, every company has their own unique process. And while some questions may be universal, others will be specific to the company you’re interviewing with.

If you’re interviewing with Just Salad, you can expect to be asked questions about your experience with healthy eating and cooking, as well as your thoughts on customer service and teamwork.

To help you prepare, we’ve compiled a list of sample questions you may be asked during your interview with Just Salad.

Just Salad Interview Process

The interview process at Just Salad is generally pretty quick and easy. Most positions only require one or two interviews, and they are usually pretty straightforward. However, some applicants have reported feeling unvalued after following up multiple times with no response, and others have said that the process is disorganized and chaotic.

1. Are you comfortable with using a knife and chopping vegetables?

Just Salad is a fast-paced environment, and the interviewer wants to make sure you’re comfortable with the pace. They also want to know if you have any experience using knives or chopping vegetables. If you do, mention it in your answer.

Example: “I’ve worked in several restaurants where I was responsible for preparing salads. In my last position, I had to chop all of our vegetables by hand. It took me about an hour to prepare enough vegetables for the day’s business. I’m very comfortable using a knife and chopping vegetables.”

2. What do you like most about Just Salad?

This question is an opportunity to show your enthusiasm for the company and its mission. Your answer should include a few things you like about Just Salad, along with what attracted you to apply in the first place.

Example: “I love that Just Salad has such a strong commitment to healthy eating. I’ve always been passionate about nutrition, so it’s exciting to work for a company that shares my values. Another thing I really appreciate about Just Salad is how much you value your employees. You offer great benefits and opportunities for growth, which makes me feel valued as an employee.”

3. Do you have previous customer service experience in the food industry?

Just Salad is a fast-casual restaurant that serves healthy food. The company wants to know if you have experience interacting with customers and providing excellent customer service. If you do, share an example of how you helped your previous employer achieve their goals.

Example: “I worked as a server at a local restaurant for three years. During my time there, I learned the importance of providing exceptional customer service. My goal was always to make sure every guest left happy. To do this, I made sure they received prompt attention when they needed it and got their orders quickly. I also took care to ensure each order was correct and served them in a friendly manner.”

4. How would you deal with an angry customer?

Just Salad is a fast-paced environment where you may encounter an upset customer. Employers ask this question to make sure you have the skills and confidence to diffuse a situation. In your answer, show that you can remain calm and respectful while resolving the issue.

Example: “I would first apologize for their experience and try to understand what went wrong. I would then find out if there was anything I could do to fix it or make up for it. If they were still unhappy with the outcome, I would offer them a discount on their next visit.”

5. On average, how many customers do you think you can serve per hour?

This question is a great way to assess your customer service skills and ability to multitask. When answering this question, it can be helpful to provide an example of how you would handle serving multiple customers at once.

Example: “In my previous role as a server, I was able to serve up to 30 customers per hour. This number varied depending on the time of day and if there were any large parties in the restaurant. My goal when working with customers was to make sure they had everything they needed before moving onto the next table.”

6. What are your long-term career goals?

This question can help the interviewer get a sense of your career aspirations and how you might fit into Just Salad’s long-term goals. If you’re interviewing for an entry-level position, it’s likely that you’ll have opportunities to advance within the company. When answering this question, try to focus on what you hope to achieve in your career rather than what you want from the job itself.

Example: “I’m passionate about healthy eating and I’d love to work my way up to becoming a chef one day. I know that working at Just Salad would give me valuable experience in food preparation and customer service, which are two skills I could use when applying to culinary school.”

7. Have you had any experience working in a fast-paced environment?

Just Salad is a fast-paced environment, so the interviewer wants to make sure you can handle that. If you have experience working in a fast-paced environment, share your previous experiences and how you handled them. If you don’t have any experience working in a fast-paced environment, explain what you would do if you were faced with this situation.

Example: “I’ve worked in a fast-paced environment before, but I’m always prepared for it. When I was at my last job, we had a rush of customers come in right before closing time. I knew we needed to get everyone served as quickly as possible while still maintaining our high standards. I asked my coworkers for help and we all pitched in to serve customers as quickly as possible.”

8. Provide an example of a time when you demonstrated excellent communication skills.

Just Salad is a fast-paced environment, and it’s important to be able to communicate with your coworkers effectively. Your answer should show that you can listen well and respond clearly.

Example: “When I was working as a server at a restaurant, my manager asked me to take an order from a large party of eight people. The group had many questions about the menu, and they were all talking over each other. I calmly repeated their orders back to them one by one so they could understand what they were ordering. This helped everyone feel more comfortable and ensured that no one missed out on anything.”

9. Why should we hire you?

This question is a great way to show your confidence and enthusiasm for the position. When answering this question, it can be helpful to highlight some of your skills or past experiences that make you an ideal candidate.

Example: “I am passionate about healthy eating and have experience working in a fast-paced environment. I also understand how important customer service is when serving customers quickly. In my last job as a server at a restaurant, I learned how to balance multiple tables while still providing excellent service. This skill has helped me become more confident in my ability to multitask.”

10. What is your availability?

Employers ask this question to make sure you are available for the hours they need. Before your interview, check out the restaurant’s schedule and see if it matches up with yours. If there is a discrepancy, explain how you would adjust your schedule to work at Just Salad.

Example: “I am currently working part-time as a server at another restaurant, but I am looking to transition into full-time employment. My availability is flexible, so I can work any shift that fits in with Just Salad’s needs.”

11. Describe your leadership style.

Just Salad is a fast-paced environment where employees are expected to work as a team. Your leadership style should reflect this, and your answer should show that you’re willing to take on responsibility and help others succeed.

Example: “I believe in leading by example. I’m always looking for ways to improve my own performance so I can inspire others to do the same. I also like to delegate tasks to other team members based on their strengths. This helps everyone feel more confident in their roles and gives them opportunities to learn new skills.”

12. What qualities would make you a good leader at our restaurant?

Just Salad is a growing company that values teamwork and collaboration. Your answer should show the hiring manager you have leadership qualities, such as being able to motivate your team members and inspire them to do their best work.

Example: “I believe I would make a good leader at Just Salad because I am passionate about healthy eating and wellness. I also understand that everyone has unique strengths and talents, so I would use my communication skills to help my team members discover what they are good at and how they can contribute to our restaurant’s success. As a leader, I would also be open to feedback from my team members and learn from it.”

13. How well do you work under pressure?

Just Salad is a fast-paced environment, and the interviewer wants to make sure you can handle that. Your answer should show that you are comfortable working in a high-energy environment and have experience with multitasking.

Example: “I thrive under pressure because it motivates me to work quickly and efficiently. In my last position as a server at a busy restaurant, I was responsible for taking orders, delivering food and handling customer questions all at once. It was challenging but rewarding when I could get through an entire shift without any mistakes.”

14. What was one time where you felt that you made a positive impact on a team?

This question can help the interviewer get to know you as a person and how your personality might fit in with their team. When answering this question, it can be helpful to think of an example that highlights your interpersonal skills or ability to work well with others.

Example: “When I was working at my previous job, we had a new hire who was having some trouble adjusting to the fast pace of our work environment. She seemed overwhelmed by her tasks and unsure of what she should be doing. I noticed this because she would often ask me questions about what she should be doing. I took her aside one day after lunch and asked if she wanted to grab coffee together so we could talk more privately. We talked for over an hour about her life before working here and how she felt on her first week. By the end of our conversation, she felt much more comfortable and confident in her role.”

15. If you saw someone stealing from the company, what would you do?

Just Salad wants to know that you would report any theft or other illegal activity. Your answer should show the hiring manager that you are honest and trustworthy, and that you have a strong moral compass.

Example: “I would immediately tell my supervisor about it so they could take action. I would also make sure to write down as many details as possible so we could investigate further if necessary.”

16. Tell me about a time where you failed to reach a goal or deadline.

This question can help employers understand how you respond to challenges and setbacks. When answering this question, it can be helpful to discuss a time when you learned from your mistake or faced consequences for not meeting the goal or deadline.

Example: “In my last position as a server at a restaurant, I was tasked with taking orders over the phone. One night, I had an unusually busy shift where I took more calls than usual. As a result, I forgot to take one of the caller’s order. The customer called back upset that they didn’t receive their food yet. I apologized profusely and offered them a discount on their next visit. They accepted, but I learned that it is important to prioritize tasks and avoid distractions.”

17. What did you not like about your last job?

This question can help employers learn more about your work history and how you’ve grown as a professional. When answering this question, it’s important to be honest but also highlight the ways in which you’ve improved since that job.

Example: “My last job was at a small restaurant where I worked as a server. While I enjoyed my time there, I found that I really wanted to work with a larger team of people who were all working toward the same goal. At Just Salad, I feel like everyone is so passionate about what they do and are always looking for new ways to improve their skills.”

18. How would you handle money for the register if there was no manager around?

Just Salad wants to know that you can handle the register and make change without a manager present. If there is no manager on duty, you will be responsible for handling all transactions at the register. Just Salad also wants to ensure that you are comfortable with math and have basic arithmetic skills.

Example: “I would first ask customers how many items they want to purchase before I ring up their order. This helps me calculate the total amount of money needed for each transaction. I am very comfortable making change, so I would do this myself if necessary. I understand that it’s important to keep track of the cash drawer, so I would count the money in front of the customer after every shift.”

19. Give us an example of a time when you went above and beyond to help out a co-worker.

This question is a great way to show your leadership skills and willingness to help others. When answering this question, think of an example where you helped someone with their work or offered assistance when they needed it.

Example: “When I was working at my previous job, one of my coworkers had a family emergency that prevented them from coming into work for several days. Since we were short-staffed, I volunteered to cover the shifts of my coworker so our team could continue providing excellent service to our customers. This allowed my other coworkers to take care of their own responsibilities while still ensuring our customers received quality service.”

20. When was the last time you worked as part of a team?

Working as part of a team is an important aspect of working in the food service industry. Employers ask this question to make sure you have experience working with others and that you understand how teamwork can benefit your work environment. In your answer, explain what made you successful at working together with others.

Example: “In my last job, I worked alongside two other employees who were responsible for preparing salads while I was responsible for making smoothies. We all had our own stations but we also collaborated on certain tasks like cleaning up or taking orders from customers. It was really helpful to work with them because they helped me learn new skills and I could rely on them when I needed help.”


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