20 Nissan Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Nissan.

Nissan is a Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer headquartered in Yokohama, Japan. Nissan Motor Company sells its cars under the Nissan, Infiniti, and Datsun brands with in-house performance tuning products labelled Nismo. The company traces its name to the Nissan zaibatsu, now called the Nissan Group. As of 2013, Nissan is the world’s largest electric vehicle manufacturer, with global sales of more than 275,000 all-electric vehicles as of April 2018.

Nissan has a long history of innovation and is known for its reliable, high-quality vehicles. When you go to a Nissan interview, you can expect to be asked questions about your skills and experience, as well as your knowledge of the company and its products. To help you prepare, we’ve compiled a list of sample Nissan interview questions and answers.

Nissan Interview Process

The interview process at Nissan can vary depending on the position you are applying for. However, most positions will require at least two interviews, one with a manager and one with HR. For some positions, there may also be an assessment center component. The overall process is generally professional and efficient, with good communication between interviewer and interviewee.

1. What is your experience with customer service?

Customer service is an important part of working in a dealership. The interviewer may ask this question to learn more about your experience with customer service and how you interact with customers. Use examples from previous work experiences or include information about what you would do if you don’t have any professional experience.

Example: “I’ve worked as a cashier at my local grocery store for the past two years, so I’m used to interacting with customers on a daily basis. I always try to be friendly and helpful when someone approaches me with questions. If they’re looking for something specific, I’ll go out of my way to help them find it. For example, one time a customer was looking for a certain type of pasta sauce, but we didn’t have it in stock. I looked online to see where else they could buy it, then ordered some for our store.”

2. How would you approach a client who wanted to buy a car but was having trouble finding one that fit their needs in their price range?

This question can help the interviewer assess your customer service skills and ability to find solutions for customers. Use examples from previous experience where you helped a client find a car that fit their needs or budget.

Example: “I would first ask them what they were looking for in a vehicle, such as color, size and features. Then I would search our inventory to see if we had any cars that matched those specifications. If not, I would use my computer system to search other dealerships within a certain radius of our dealership to see if there were any vehicles available that met the customer’s requirements. If all else failed, I would contact another Nissan dealership to see if they had any similar models.”

3. Why do you want to work at Nissan?

This question is a great way for the interviewer to learn more about your interest in Nissan and how you discovered the company. It also gives them an idea of what motivates you as a candidate. When preparing for this question, make sure to highlight any personal connections you have with the company or its products. Consider mentioning if you are familiar with their history or current projects.

Example: “I want to work at Nissan because I am a huge fan of the brand. My family has owned several models over the years, including a Sentra that my dad still drives. I’ve always been interested in cars and would love to be part of a team that makes such high-quality vehicles.”

4. Do you have any sales experience? If so, what type of training did you go through and how effective was it?

Nissan wants to know if you have any sales experience and how it has prepared you for this role. If you do not have sales experience, explain what other types of customer service or management roles you’ve had that are similar to the position you’re interviewing for at Nissan.

Example: “I don’t have direct sales experience, but I worked as a server in a restaurant where I learned how to interact with customers and provide them with excellent service. This helped me develop my communication skills and learn how to work under pressure. I also worked as a cashier at a grocery store where I learned how to use technology to help customers find products they were looking for.”

5. Tell me about a time when you had to handle an unhappy customer.

This question can help the interviewer determine how you handle conflict and whether you have experience in customer service. Use examples from your previous job to highlight your problem-solving skills, communication skills and ability to remain calm under pressure.

Example: “In my last position as a sales associate at a retail store, I had an upset customer who was returning a pair of shoes they had purchased online. The customer said that the shoes were too small for them and wanted a full refund. I asked the customer if they would be willing to try on the shoes again to see if they fit better. They agreed, and when they tried on the shoes, they realized that they did fit. I offered to exchange the shoes for a different size or style.”

6. Would you be comfortable doing cold calls for the company if needed?

This question is a great way to determine how much initiative you have and your willingness to take on new challenges. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention that you are willing to do whatever the company needs from you in order to succeed.

Example: “I am happy to make cold calls for Nissan if needed. I understand that sometimes it takes extra effort to get sales leads, so I would be more than happy to help with any of those tasks. In fact, I find cold calling to be quite enjoyable because I like talking to people and learning about their lives.”

7. Is there anything about you we can’t tell from your resume?

This question is a great way for the interviewer to learn more about you as a person. They want to know what makes you unique and how your personality will fit in with their team. When answering this question, try to be honest and genuine. You can talk about any personal interests or hobbies that relate to the job.

Example: “I’m an avid runner, so I would love to work at Nissan because of its commitment to sustainability. I also have a passion for cars, so working here would fulfill my dream career. I’ve always wanted to work on cars, and I think Nissan’s mission statement aligns perfectly with mine.”

8. What are some qualities you think every good salesman should have?

This question is a great way to show the interviewer that you have experience in sales and can apply those skills to your work at Nissan. When answering this question, it’s important to highlight qualities that are relevant to working for Nissan. Some examples include:

Ability to multitask
Example: “I think every good salesman should be confident in their product and themselves. It’s important to know what makes your company different from its competitors and how your products solve problems for customers. I also think honesty is an essential quality because it shows customers you’re trustworthy and willing to put their needs first. Finally, I think being able to multitask is crucial because there are often many things going on at once during a sale.”

9. Are you willing to travel for the job?

Nissan is a global company, so they may ask this question to see if you’re willing to relocate for the job. If you are, be sure to mention that you’re prepared to move and have researched what it would take to do so. If you aren’t willing to travel, explain why in your answer.

Example: “I’m happy to relocate for the right position. I’ve done some research on moving to Tennessee and found out that Nissan offers relocation assistance. I also know that there are several affordable housing options in the area. I am excited about starting my new life here.”

10. Do you have any mechanical or maintenance experience?

This question is a great way for the interviewer to learn more about your background and experience. If you have mechanical or maintenance experience, share it with them in your answer. If you don’t, you can still talk about other relevant skills that will help you succeed in this role.

Example: “I’ve worked as an auto mechanic for five years now. I enjoy working on cars because of how complex they are. It’s always interesting to see what issues people are having with their vehicles and then figuring out how to fix them. In my last position, I was responsible for diagnosing problems, ordering parts and performing repairs.”

11. Describe a time where you had to use your creativity to solve a problem.

Nissan is a company that values innovation and creativity. This question allows the interviewer to assess your problem-solving skills, as well as how you apply them in real-life situations.

Example: “At my current job, I was tasked with creating an advertising campaign for our new line of cars. We had already established what we wanted to advertise, but I felt like there was something missing from the campaign. After some brainstorming sessions with my team, we came up with the idea of using social media influencers to promote our product. The campaign was a huge success, and it helped us reach a younger demographic.”

12. Have you ever worked on any Nissan models before? Which ones?

This question is a great way for the interviewer to learn more about your experience with Nissan vehicles. If you have worked on any models before, be sure to list them and explain what kind of work you did.

Example: “I’ve worked on several different Nissan models in my career so far. I started out working at an independent shop where we mainly serviced Ford cars, but we also had some customers who brought in their Nissan vehicles. I learned how to service all kinds of Nissan models, including Altimas, Sentras and Muranos.”

13. What has been your greatest challenge as a technician?

This question can help the interviewer get to know you as a person and understand what challenges you’ve overcome in your career. When answering this question, it can be helpful to think of a time when you faced a challenge but overcame it.

Example: “My greatest challenge was learning how to use new diagnostic tools. I had been working with one brand for years before switching to another, so it took me some time to adjust. However, I learned all of the new software within two weeks and now feel comfortable using both brands. This taught me that I am capable of adapting to new situations.”

14. Describe yourself in three words.

This question is a way for the interviewer to get to know you better. They want to see if your personality matches their company culture and values. When answering this question, be sure to choose words that are positive and describe your strengths.

Example: “I would describe myself as driven, empathetic and organized. I am driven because I have always been motivated to succeed in my career. Empathetic because I care about others and try to understand their feelings. Organized because I like to plan ahead and make sure everything is prepared before it’s needed.”

15. What kind of equipment have you used while working on cars?

This question is a great way for the interviewer to assess your mechanical knowledge and experience. When answering this question, it can be helpful to list out all of the tools you have used in the past and what they are used for.

Example: “In my previous role as an auto mechanic, I worked with many different kinds of equipment. Some of the most common were torque wrenches, which are used to measure how much force is being applied to a bolt or nut. Another tool that I frequently used was a pneumatic impact wrench, which is used to remove lug nuts from wheels. Finally, I also used a hydraulic floor jack quite often, which is used to lift vehicles.”

16. Tell us about a time you made an error, how did you fix it?

This question is a great way to see how you respond to mistakes. It’s important that your answer shows the interviewer that you learn from your errors and are willing to take responsibility for them.

Example: “When I was working as an assistant manager at my previous job, I accidentally sent out an email with confidential information about our sales numbers. Luckily, I realized what I had done right away and immediately called my boss to let her know. She told me not to worry about it, but I insisted on calling all of the recipients of the email to apologize. They were understanding, and we fixed the issue before anyone could use the information against us.”

17. What do you know about Nissan’s company culture?

Nissan wants to know that you have done your research on the company and its values. This is a great opportunity for you to show how much you care about this job by showing that you are familiar with Nissan’s culture. You can answer this question by describing what you’ve learned about Nissan’s company culture, including any specific values or goals of the company.

Example: “I read through the Nissan website and found out that Nissan has some really exciting initiatives in place. For example, I saw that Nissan has an innovation program where employees can submit ideas for new products. The best idea wins $100,000, which is quite impressive. I also noticed that Nissan has a goal of reducing carbon emissions by 20% by 2020.”

18. What salary are you expecting?

Employers ask this question to make sure you are in the right salary range for their company. Before your interview, research what others in similar positions at Nissan earn. Use this information to answer honestly and confidently. If you’re overqualified for the position, explain why you would be happy with a lower salary.

Example: “I’m looking for a salary of $50,000 per year. I know that’s above the average salary for someone in my position, but I have extensive experience working in sales. My previous employer offered me a promotion to work as a sales associate, but I turned it down because I wanted to focus on my career instead of making money. I am ready to take on more responsibility now, though.”

19. What are your short- and long-term career goals?

Nissan is a large company with many different departments. The interviewer wants to know if you have specific goals for your career and how they align with the company’s goals. Use this question as an opportunity to show that you are ambitious, driven and eager to learn more about Nissan.

Example: “My short-term goal is to become proficient in my current role. I am excited to start working here and want to make sure I can do everything expected of me. My long-term goal is to advance within the company. I would like to work toward becoming a manager or director one day.”

20. Some of our clients may need help understanding technical language and diagrams, how would you communicate that information in a way they could understand?

This question is a great way to show your communication skills and how you can help clients understand complex information. When answering this question, it’s important to highlight your ability to explain technical concepts in simple terms that are easy for customers to understand.

Example: “I have experience working with clients who don’t know much about cars or the repairs they need. I find that using analogies helps them better understand what I’m saying. For example, if I were explaining why their car needed new brakes, I would compare the brakes to shoes. If the shoes are worn out, they won’t work as well, which could lead to an accident. This analogy helps my clients understand why certain parts of their car need replacing.”


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