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What Does a Walmart Front End Cashier Do?

Find out what a Walmart Front End Cashier does, how to get this job, and what it takes to succeed as a Walmart Front End Cashier.

Walmart is a multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of discount department stores and warehouse stores. It is one of the largest retailers in the world, with over 11,000 stores in 27 countries.

A front end cashier at Walmart is responsible for providing excellent customer service to customers at the checkout. They are responsible for scanning items, taking payments, and providing change. They must also ensure that the checkout area is clean and organized. Additionally, they may be responsible for answering customer questions, helping customers find items, and providing general assistance.

Walmart Front End Cashier Job Duties

A Walmart Front End Cashier typically has a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  • Greet customers as they enter the store and provide them with a positive shopping experience
  • Operate cash registers, scanners, and other equipment to process customer purchases
  • Process payments for customers using cash, credit cards, debit cards, gift cards, and checks
  • Count money in cash drawers at the beginning of shifts to ensure that amounts are correct and that there is adequate change
  • Answer customer questions regarding products, prices, availability, product uses, and payment options
  • Assist customers with returns, refunds, and exchanges of merchandise
  • Bag items securely and accurately according to company procedures
  • Maintain cleanliness of checkout areas and complete cleaning tasks as assigned
  • Monitor and restock supplies such as paper bags, receipt books, pens, etc.
  • Follow all safety and security protocols to protect customers and associates
  • Provide excellent customer service by being friendly, helpful, and courteous
  • Adhere to all company policies and procedures

Walmart Front End Cashier Salary

The salary of a front end cashier at Walmart is determined by a variety of factors, including the employee’s experience, the location of the store, and the company’s overall compensation policies. Other considerations may include the employee’s performance, the number of hours worked, and the complexity of the job. Additionally, Walmart may offer incentives or bonuses for exceptional performance or for taking on additional responsibilities.

  • Median Annual Salary: $29,758 ($14.31/hour)
  • Top 10% Annual Salary: $35,020 ($16.84/hour)

Walmart Front End Cashier Job Requirements

To be hired as a front end cashier at Walmart, applicants must have a high school diploma or equivalent. Previous experience in customer service or retail is preferred, but not required. Applicants must be able to stand for long periods of time and lift up to 50 pounds. They must also be able to work in a fast-paced environment and handle multiple tasks at once. Additionally, applicants must be able to pass a background check and drug test. Walmart also requires that all cashiers be at least 18 years of age.

Walmart Front End Cashier Skills

Walmart Front End Cashier employees need the following skills in order to be successful:

Cash Handling: Cash handling is the ability to handle cash and make change accurately. Cashiers need to be able to handle cash in a safe and secure manner. This includes counting cash accurately, handling cash by the edges and keeping cash in a secure location.

Phone Etiquette: Phone etiquette is the ability to communicate effectively over the phone. As a cashier, you may be required to answer customer questions over the phone. It’s important to be friendly and professional when speaking with customers. You should also be able to take detailed notes and relay the information to the appropriate department.

Cash Register Operation: Cash register operation is the ability to use a cash register to process transactions. Cashiers use cash registers to scan and accept payments for products and enter customer information. Familiarize yourself with the cash register model your store uses and practice operating it.

Inventory Management: Inventory management is the ability to keep track of the products in the store and their location. Front end cashiers use this skill to help customers find the products they’re looking for. It’s important to know where the products are in the store so you can direct customers to the right place.

Sales Promotion Execution: Sales promotion execution is the ability to sell products to customers. This can include suggesting items that a customer may not have known they needed. It can also include selling a customer an item they came in to buy but didn’t have in their cart.

Walmart Front End Cashier Work Environment

Walmart front end cashiers typically work in a fast-paced environment, often with a large number of customers. They are expected to be friendly and helpful to customers, as well as efficient in processing transactions. Cashiers typically work a 40-hour week, but may be required to work additional hours during peak times, such as holidays. Cashiers may also be required to work nights and weekends. The job can be stressful at times, as cashiers must be able to handle large amounts of money and handle customer complaints. Cashiers may also be required to stand for long periods of time.

Walmart Front End Cashier Trends

Here are three trends influencing how Walmart Front End Cashier employees work.

Robotic Cashiers

Walmart is one of the first retailers to introduce robotic cashiers in their stores. These robots are designed to help speed up checkout times and reduce customer wait times. The robots can scan items, accept payments, and provide change without any human interaction.

Robotic cashiers are important for Walmart front end cashiers to understand because they will be working alongside these robots in the future. This technology could potentially replace some of the manual tasks that cashiers currently do, such as counting money or scanning items. It’s important for cashiers to stay informed about this emerging trend so they can adjust their job duties accordingly.

Automated Checkouts

Automated checkouts are becoming increasingly popular in retail stores, and Walmart is no exception. Automated checkout systems allow customers to scan their items and pay without having to interact with a cashier. This technology can help reduce wait times for customers and free up cashiers to focus on other tasks.

For front end cashiers at Walmart, understanding automated checkout systems is important for the future of work. Cashiers need to be able to troubleshoot any issues that may arise with the system, as well as provide customer service when needed. Additionally, cashiers should be familiar with the different payment methods available through automated checkout systems, such as contactless payments.

Cashierless Stores

Cashierless stores are becoming increasingly popular as a way to reduce costs and improve customer experience. Walmart is one of the companies leading this trend, with its Scan & Go app allowing customers to scan items in-store and pay without having to wait in line. This technology eliminates the need for cashiers, reducing labor costs while also providing a more efficient shopping experience.

For front end cashiers at Walmart, understanding this emerging trend is important for their future job security. Cashierless stores may eventually become the norm, so it’s important for them to stay up to date on the latest technologies and trends in order to remain competitive in the job market.

Advancement Prospects

Advancement for Walmart front end cashiers can come in the form of promotions to higher-level positions within the store. These positions may include customer service manager, assistant manager, or store manager. To be eligible for these positions, cashiers must demonstrate a strong work ethic, excellent customer service skills, and a commitment to the company. Cashiers may also be able to move up to higher-level positions in other retail stores, such as department store manager or retail store manager.

Interview Questions

Here are five common Walmart Front End Cashier interview questions and answers.

1. Have you worked with any inventory management systems before?

This question can help the interviewer determine your experience with inventory management systems and how you might fit in at Walmart. If you have worked with an inventory management system before, share what it was like to use and if you enjoyed using it. If you haven’t worked with one before, explain that you are excited to learn about this type of software.

Example: “I’ve never worked with a specific inventory management system before, but I am familiar with some common types of inventory management software. I think working with an inventory management system would be helpful for me because I enjoy learning new things and figuring out how to work efficiently with new technology.”

2. Why should we hire you over another candidate?

This question is a great way for employers to learn more about your qualifications and how you can benefit their company. When answering this question, it’s important to highlight the skills that make you an ideal candidate. You should also be honest in your answer and avoid comparing yourself to other candidates.

Example: “I believe I am the best candidate because of my customer service skills. Throughout my career, I have worked hard to develop these skills so I can provide excellent service to every customer who comes through my line. In addition, I am highly organized and detail-oriented which allows me to keep track of all transactions quickly. These skills are essential for working as a cashier at Walmart.”

3. When was the last time you gave excellent customer service?

This question can help the interviewer understand your customer service skills and how you apply them to your work. Use examples from your previous job or a time when you helped someone in your personal life.

Example: “At my last job, I had a regular customer who would come into the store every day at lunchtime. One day, she came in with her young son, and he was very loud and distracting for other customers. Instead of telling him to be quiet, I went over to him and asked if he wanted to color on some paper while his mom shopped. He agreed, and I gave him some crayons and paper. After that, he was much quieter and didn’t distract anyone else.”

4. What do you think are some of the most important qualities for a good cashier?

This question can help the interviewer determine if you have the skills and abilities they’re looking for in a cashier. Use your answer to highlight some of your best qualities as a cashier, such as attention to detail, communication skills or customer service experience.

Example: “I think one of the most important qualities for a good cashier is accuracy. It’s my job to make sure that I’m entering all of the right information into the register so customers get their correct change and receipts. Another quality I think is important is speed. Cashiers need to be able to work quickly but accurately to keep lines moving.”

5. How would you handle an upset customer?

Front end cashiers often interact with customers, and the interviewer may ask you this question to see how you handle difficult situations. Use your answer to highlight your customer service skills and ability to remain calm in tense situations.

Example: “I once had a customer who was upset because they couldn’t find an item on our shelves. I explained that we don’t have all of our inventory online yet, but I offered to check if it was in the back room. After searching for the item, I found out that we were completely sold out. The customer seemed satisfied with my response, and I apologized for any inconvenience.”


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