20 Georgia Power Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Georgia Power.

As a leading provider of electric power and energy services in Georgia, Georgia Power is always looking for talented and qualified individuals to join their team. If you’re interested in working for this company, you’ll need to be prepared to answer some specific interview questions about your qualifications and experience.

In this article, we’ll give you a rundown of some of the most common Georgia Power interview questions, so you can go into your interview with confidence.

Georgia Power Interview Process

The interview process at Georgia Power can vary depending on the position you are applying for. However, most positions will require at least one phone interview and one in-person interview. For some positions, you may be asked to complete a project or presentation as part of the interview process. The difficulty of the interviews will also vary depending on the position, but generally speaking, the interviews are not too difficult. Overall, the experience is positive and professional.

1. What is your experience in the power industry?

Georgia Power is a large utility company that provides electric power and energy services to Georgia residents. Employers ask this question to learn more about your experience in the industry, as well as how it relates to their company. Before your interview, make sure you research the company thoroughly so you can discuss your relevant experience.

Example: “I have worked for several different utilities throughout my career. I started out working at a small local power plant where I learned all of the basics of the industry. After five years there, I moved up to a larger utility company where I gained more experience managing teams and overseeing projects. Now, I’m ready to take on a new challenge with a company like Georgia Power.”

2. How would you handle a customer who was upset about their bill?

Georgia Power is responsible for providing electricity to customers, and the company needs employees who can handle customer complaints. When answering this question, it’s important to show that you have excellent communication skills and are willing to help customers resolve their issues.

Example: “I would first listen to what they had to say about their bill. Then I would explain how our billing system works and why they received a certain amount of charges on their bill. If there was an error in the bill, I would immediately correct it so the customer didn’t have to pay any more than necessary. If the customer still wasn’t satisfied with their bill, I would work with them to find a solution.”

3. Is there anything that Georgia Power could do to improve?

Georgia Power is a large company that offers many services to its customers. Interviewers ask this question to see if you have any suggestions for how the company can improve their processes or customer service. When answering, it’s important to be respectful of the interviewer and the company. Try to focus on areas where Georgia Power has already made improvements.

Example: “I think Georgia Power does an excellent job at providing quality energy services to its customers. I’ve noticed that the company recently started offering solar power options to residential customers. This is a great way to help reduce carbon emissions and provide more renewable energy sources to Georgians. I would love to work for a company that cares about the environment as much as Georgia Power.”

4. Tell me about a time when you had to deal with an angry customer, how did you handle it?

Georgia Power employees often interact with customers who are upset about their electric bill or service. An interviewer may ask this question to learn more about your customer service skills and how you’ve handled a challenging situation in the past. When answering, try to focus on your ability to empathize with customers and resolve issues quickly.

Example: “When I worked as an assistant manager at a local restaurant, we had a few customers who were unhappy with their meals. One time, a customer complained that her steak was too tough. I asked her if she would like another meal or a refund. She said she wanted a new meal, so I offered to replace it for free. After she left, I spoke with my chef about the complaint. He adjusted his cooking methods slightly and never received another complaint.”

5. Why are you interested in working at Georgia Power?

Georgia Power is a large company that offers many career opportunities. Employers ask this question to learn more about your background and why you are interested in working for their organization. Before your interview, research the Georgia Power website to see what types of positions they offer. Think about which ones would be a good fit for you and explain why.

Example: “I am very passionate about renewable energy sources, so I was excited to see that Georgia Power has an initiative called Green Energy Efficient Communities. This program helps communities reduce their carbon footprint by using solar power and other clean energy sources. I think it’s important to use resources responsibly, so I’m eager to work at a company that shares my values.”

6. Do you have experience using software programs such as AutoCAD or SAP?

Georgia Power uses these programs to create and maintain their infrastructure. The company wants employees who can use software programs that help them complete projects efficiently. When answering this question, list the software programs you have experience using and explain how they helped you in your previous roles.

Example: “I have used AutoCAD for five years now. I started out as a draftsman at my last job where I was responsible for creating blueprints of buildings and structures. I also worked with SAP when I was working on an IT project for my previous employer. My team and I were tasked with implementing new technology into our system. We had to learn how to use SAP to track inventory and monitor sales.”

7. Describe your experience working in maintenance and reliability.

Georgia Power is a large utility company that provides electric power and energy services to Georgia residents. As such, the company requires employees who can perform maintenance and repair work on its equipment. When answering this question, it’s important to highlight your experience with electrical systems and how you’ve used them to maintain and repair power grids in the past.

Example: “I have worked as an electrician for five years now, so I’m quite familiar with maintaining and repairing power grids. In my last position, I was responsible for performing routine checks of all equipment and making sure everything was functioning properly. If there were any issues, I would fix them right away or call for backup if needed.”

8. Can you tell me about a time where you had to deal with a difficult client?

Georgia Power wants to know that you can handle difficult situations with clients and customers. This question is an opportunity for you to show your problem-solving skills, communication skills and conflict resolution skills.

Example: “I once had a customer who was upset because they were having issues with their bill. They said the bill was higher than usual, but when I looked at it, there wasn’t anything out of the ordinary. The customer insisted that something was wrong, so I decided to go visit them in person. When I arrived, I found that the customer hadn’t been reading their bills correctly. Once we talked about how to read the bill, they understood why their bill was what it was.”

9. Do you feel comfortable working on utility poles?

Georgia Power employees may be asked to work on utility poles from time to time. The interviewer wants to make sure you’re comfortable with this type of work and that you understand the safety procedures in place for working on utility poles.

Example: “I have worked on utility poles before, but I prefer not to do so if there is an alternative way to complete a task. However, I am confident in my ability to work safely on utility poles when necessary. In fact, I feel like I’m quite good at it because I’ve practiced several times.”

10. Give us an example of a time you worked under pressure.

Georgia Power is a large company that deals with many customers and projects. The interviewer may ask this question to learn more about your ability to handle pressure in the workplace. Use examples from your experience where you were able to complete tasks under tight deadlines or when you had to work on multiple projects at once.

Example: “In my last position, I was responsible for managing several accounts while also completing daily customer service calls. One day, one of our largest clients called to report an outage. I immediately began working with other employees to find out what caused the outage and how we could fix it as quickly as possible. We worked through the night until we found the problem and fixed it.”

11. Are you familiar with any electric substations?

Georgia Power is responsible for the construction and maintenance of substations that deliver power to customers. The interviewer may ask this question to see if you have experience working with electric substations in your previous roles. If you do, share a specific example of how you used your knowledge to complete a task or solve a problem.

Example: “I worked as an engineer at a small company that specialized in building substations. I was part of a team that designed and built a new substation every six months. My role was to design the layout of each substation based on customer needs. I also had to ensure that all safety protocols were met during construction.”

12. What makes you think you will be successful in this position?

This question is an opportunity to show the interviewer that you have researched their company and understand what they are looking for in a candidate. Use your research to identify the skills, experience and qualifications Georgia Power looks for in its employees and explain how you possess these qualities.

Example: “I am confident I will be successful in this position because of my extensive knowledge of the energy industry and my passion for renewable energy sources. Throughout my career, I have worked with many different types of energy providers, including solar power companies, which has given me valuable insight into the challenges Georgia Power faces when providing electricity to customers. This knowledge makes me feel prepared to take on this role.”

13. If hired, what kind of projects would you want to work on?

Georgia Power is a large company that offers many different kinds of projects. This question helps the interviewer understand your interests and how you would fit into their organization. When answering this question, try to be as specific as possible about what kind of work you’re interested in doing.

Example: “I’m very passionate about renewable energy sources, so I would love to work on any project that involves solar or wind power. I also have experience with customer service, so I’d like to work on any projects involving new technology for customers.”

14. What is your experience working with industrial equipment?

Georgia Power is responsible for maintaining and repairing the state’s power grid, which includes a variety of industrial equipment. The interviewer may ask this question to learn more about your experience working with heavy machinery and how you would approach challenging tasks like these. Use your answer to highlight any relevant skills or experiences that make you a good fit for this role.

Example: “I have worked in construction my entire career, so I am very familiar with operating heavy machinery. In fact, I’ve been trained on several types of equipment, including cranes, excavators and forklifts. I also understand the importance of safety when working with industrial equipment, so I always take extra precautions to ensure my own well-being and the safety of others around me.”

15. We have many customers who pay for their energy through government assistance programs. Do you have any experience with these kinds of programs?

Georgia Power wants to ensure that their employees can help customers who are on government assistance programs. These programs often have specific requirements, and the company needs to make sure its employees know how to handle these situations. Your answer should show that you understand what it takes to work with these kinds of customers.

Example: “I’ve worked in customer service for many years now, and I’ve had plenty of experience working with customers who use government assistance programs. In my last position, we had a lot of customers who used SNAP benefits to pay for their energy bills. We also had quite a few customers who were enrolled in Medicaid. I learned how to navigate these programs so that our customers could get the services they needed.”

16. Have you ever been involved in testing electric transformers?

Georgia Power is responsible for testing electric transformers, and the interviewer may ask this question to learn more about your experience with this process. Use your answer to explain what you know about transformer testing and how you would perform it if given the opportunity.

Example: “I have never been involved in testing electric transformers, but I am familiar with the process. In my last role as an engineer, I was responsible for overseeing the installation of new transformers at several locations throughout Georgia. This required me to work closely with a team of engineers who were qualified to test transformers. I learned from them that there are many factors that can affect the quality of a transformer’s performance after installation.”

17. Is there anything else we should know about you before we make our final decision?

This question is your opportunity to show the interviewer that you are a well-rounded person with many skills and interests. You can use this time to talk about any volunteer work, hobbies or other experiences that will help the hiring manager see how you would fit in at Georgia Power.

Example: “I have been working toward my certification as an emergency medical technician for the past two years. I enjoy helping people, so I think this job would be a great fit for me. I also love animals, so I am currently volunteering at a local animal shelter.”

18. How well do you work under pressure?

Georgia Power is a large company that provides services to thousands of customers. The interviewer may ask this question to learn more about your ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines. Use examples from previous jobs or school projects where you had to complete tasks quickly.

Example: “In my last job, I was responsible for managing the social media accounts for our department. One day, I noticed we were missing several posts on our Instagram account. I immediately contacted my supervisor who told me to fix it as soon as possible. I worked through lunch to make sure all of the missing posts were restored by the end of the day.”

19. Do you have any experience with AMI systems?

Georgia Power is currently implementing an advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) system in the state. This question helps interviewers assess your experience with this type of technology and determine if you’re ready to work on a project that requires AMI knowledge. If you have no previous experience, consider describing what you would do if you were tasked with working on an AMI project.

Example: “While I haven’t worked directly with AMI systems before, I am familiar with them from my time as a technician at Green Energy Solutions. My supervisor was always looking for ways to implement new technologies into our operations, so we started researching different types of meters. We decided to start with smart meters because they are compatible with many other energy management systems.

After learning more about how these systems work, I realized that Georgia Power’s implementation of AMI could be beneficial for us. Our company has been able to reduce costs by using smart meters, which makes me excited to learn more about Georgia Power’s plans.”

20. What is your previous experience working with data analysis?

Georgia Power is a large utility company that needs employees who can analyze data to help the company make informed decisions. Your answer should show your ability to use data analysis software and interpret information for decision-making purposes.

Example: “I have experience working with several types of data analysis software, including Microsoft Excel, Tableau and QlikView. I also have experience using these programs to create reports and presentations based on my findings. In my last role as an energy analyst, I was responsible for analyzing customer usage patterns and identifying areas where Georgia Power could improve its services.”


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