20 Guardian Life Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Guardian Life.

When you go in for an interview with Guardian Life, you can expect to be asked questions about your experience in the insurance industry, your knowledge of Guardian’s products, and your ability to sell those products. You may also be asked questions about your ability to work with clients, handle customer service inquiries, and process insurance claims.

Guardian Life Interview Process

The interview process at Guardian Life is generally very smooth and efficient. In most cases, candidates will first have an initial screening interview with a member of the HR team, followed by a second interview with the hiring manager. The entire process is typically completed within a few weeks.

Candidates report that the interviews are generally quite easy and straightforward. Questions tend to focus on behavioral scenarios and past work experience. In some cases, candidates may also be asked to take a skills test or complete a writing exercise. Overall, the interview process is rated as being very positive and professional.

1. Describe a time when you handled difficult customers.

Guardian Life is a company that provides insurance to individuals and families. As such, they are likely to have customers who may be upset or frustrated with their policies or the claims process. An interviewer may ask this question to see how you handle difficult situations and if you can empathize with customers.

Example: “I once had a customer who was very upset about his claim. He felt like he should have received more money for his claim because of what happened. I listened to him as he explained why he thought he deserved more money. Then, I told him that Guardian Life has one of the best payout rates in the industry. However, I also offered to look into his case further to make sure we were paying him fairly. After looking at his file again, I found that we did pay him exactly what we said we would.”

2. What is your familiarity with investments, insurance and financial products?

Guardian Life is a company that offers financial products and services to its customers. The interviewer will want to know if you have any experience with investments, insurance or other financial products. If you do, share your experiences and how they helped you develop the skills needed for this role.

Example: “I’ve worked in the financial industry for five years now. I started out as an investment advisor at my previous job where I met many clients who were looking for life insurance policies. I was able to help them find the right policy for their needs by explaining different types of life insurance and what each one offered. This gave me valuable insight into Guardian Life and the type of work it does.”

3. If hired what role do you see yourself in three years from now?

Guardian is looking for employees who are committed to their career and want to grow within the company. This question helps them determine if you have a plan for your future with Guardian or if you’re just looking for a job. When answering this question, make sure you show that you understand what opportunities Guardian offers its employees.

Example: “I see myself as an insurance agent in three years. I know Guardian has a great training program, so I would love to be able to use my skills to help others find affordable life insurance policies. I think it would be amazing to work with Guardian because of all the resources they offer their agents. I am excited about the opportunity to learn from experienced agents and managers.”

4. How would you handle an angry customer who was yelling at you about the service?

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian) is a mutual insurer, which means that it’s owned by its policyholders. As such, the company has an obligation to provide excellent customer service and support. The interviewer will want to know how you would handle this situation in order to ensure that Guardian continues to meet its customers’ needs.

Example: “I have had experience with angry customers before, and I always try to remain calm and respectful when dealing with them. If they are yelling at me, I make sure to speak calmly and clearly so that they can understand what I am saying. I also take notes on their concerns so that I can address each one individually. This helps diffuse the situation and shows the customer that I am taking their concerns seriously.”

5. Describe your experience using Excel.

Excel is a popular spreadsheet program that Guardian uses to manage its data. The company wants to know if you have experience using Excel and how well you can use it. If you don’t have much experience with Excel, consider taking an online course or practicing on your own before the interview.

Example: “I have used Excel for several years at my current job. I am comfortable creating spreadsheets, sorting through large amounts of data and performing calculations. I also understand some of the more advanced functions of Excel such as pivot tables and VLOOKUPs.”

6. Do you have any experience working in sales or managing a team of people?

Guardian Life is a sales-driven company, and the interviewer will want to know if you have any experience in this area. If you do, share your previous experiences with them. If not, explain that you are willing to learn how to sell Guardian’s products.

Example: “I worked as an insurance agent for five years before I joined my current employer. During that time, I learned how to sell different types of life insurance policies to customers. I also managed a team of agents who helped me meet my sales goals each month.”

7. Tell us why you want to work at Guardian Life Insurance Company of America.

This question is a great way for the interviewer to learn more about your interest in working at Guardian. It’s also an opportunity for you to show that you have done some research on the company and understand what it offers its employees.

Example: “I want to work at Guardian because of its reputation as one of the best insurance companies in the country. I am passionate about helping people, so I would love to be part of a team that provides excellent customer service. I know that Guardian has a strong commitment to its customers, which is something I value highly.”

8. Give me an example of a situation where you had to solve a problem without having all of the information available. How did you approach solving it?

Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian) wants to know that you can solve problems and make decisions on your own. This question is a great way for interviewers to see how you handle uncertainty, as well as how you approach problem-solving in general.

Example: “In my previous role, I was working with a client who had some concerns about their policy. They were unsure if they should cancel the policy or not. I explained that it’s always better to have insurance than not, but we could look at other options if they wanted to cancel. We discussed different types of policies and what would be best for them. In the end, they decided to keep their current policy.”

9. Why do you think our company is a good fit for you?

This question is a great way for the interviewer to learn more about your knowledge of Guardian and how you feel it can benefit you. When answering this question, make sure to highlight what attracted you to the company in the first place.

Example: “I have always admired Guardian’s commitment to its customers. I know that if I were to work here, I would be able to help others while also helping myself grow as an individual. I am excited to join such a forward-thinking company that values innovation and customer service.”

10. What is the most difficult part about Customer Service?

Guardian is a company that provides customer service to its policyholders. The interviewer may ask this question to see if you have experience with difficult customers and how you handle them. Use your answer to show the interviewer that you can remain calm in stressful situations, solve problems quickly and work well under pressure.

Example: “The most difficult part about providing customer service is when I encounter an upset or angry customer. In my last role as a customer service representative for a large retailer, I encountered many unhappy customers. My goal was always to resolve their issue as quickly as possible while remaining professional. If they were still upset after I had resolved their problem, I would offer to speak with a manager on their behalf.”

11. Can you tell me about a time when you were not able to meet a deadline that was given to you by someone else?

This question is a great way to learn more about how you handle pressure and time management. When answering this question, it can be helpful to talk about a specific situation where you were able to meet the deadline despite not being able to do so at first.

Example: “I once had an assignment that was due in two weeks but I didn’t start working on it until three days before it was due. I stayed up late every night for those three nights trying to get as much work done as possible, however, I still wasn’t finished by the day it was due. I ended up turning it in late and my professor gave me a zero because of it. However, I learned from that experience and now always make sure to start assignments early.”

12. Are you willing to travel?

Guardian is a national company with offices in many states. If you are interviewing for an office that is not near your home, the interviewer will want to know if you have any issues with traveling. When answering this question, be honest about your feelings on travel and how often you would need to do it.

Example: “I am willing to travel as needed. I understand that Guardian has locations all over the country, so I expect there may be times when I need to travel. However, I prefer to stay close to my home, so I would only be willing to travel once or twice per month.”

13. What kind of projects will you be responsible for as a Business Analyst?

Guardian is looking for candidates who can handle a variety of projects. They want to know that you have the skills and experience necessary to succeed in this role. When answering this question, make sure to highlight your analytical skills as well as your ability to work with others.

Example: “I am excited about the opportunity to work on several different projects at Guardian. I believe that my diverse background makes me an excellent candidate for any project. In my previous position, I worked on many different types of projects including data analysis, business process improvement and customer satisfaction surveys.”

14. Do you like interacting with people?

Guardian Life is a company that offers insurance to individuals and families. As an agent, you will be interacting with clients on a daily basis. The interviewer wants to know if you enjoy this aspect of the job. Your answer should show that you are friendly and outgoing.

Example: “I love working with people. I find it rewarding when I can help someone solve their problems or concerns. In my previous position, I was often the first point of contact for customers. I would listen to their questions and offer advice. I always made sure they left our office feeling better than when they arrived.”

15. What are some things you learned while interning last summer?

This question is a great way to show your potential employer that you are eager to learn and grow. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention something you learned about the company or industry in general.

Example: “While interning at a local hospital last summer, I was able to see how much time and effort goes into providing quality care for patients. It’s clear that Guardian puts its customers first by offering affordable insurance plans with excellent customer service. I also learned more about the medical billing process while working there, which has helped me understand why Guardian offers such competitive rates.”

16. Have you ever worked with the Salesforce software before?

Guardian uses the Salesforce software to manage its sales and marketing efforts. The company wants to know if you have experience using this platform, as it can help you get up to speed quickly. If you don’t have any experience with Salesforce, you should explain why you are interested in learning about it.

Example: “I haven’t worked with Salesforce before, but I am very familiar with other CRM platforms like HubSpot and Marketo. I would be happy to learn more about how Guardian uses Salesforce to streamline its sales process. I think my previous experience working with similar systems will make it easier for me to adapt to a new system.”

17. At Guardian we value teamwork, can you give a specific example of when you demonstrated this skill?

Teamwork is an important skill for any employee to have, and Guardian wants to make sure you can work well with others. When answering this question, it’s important to show that you are a team player who will be able to collaborate with your coworkers at Guardian.

Example: “At my previous job, I was working on a project with two other employees. We were all given different tasks to complete, but we still had to communicate often to ensure our work was compatible. One day, one of the employees asked me if I could change some of the wording in my report because it didn’t match up with his. I agreed to do so, and then communicated with the third employee to let him know what changes needed to be made as well. By communicating effectively, we were able to finish our projects much faster than expected.”

18. How comfortable are you presenting to clients?

Guardian is a company that relies on its agents to sell their products and services. As such, they want to make sure you have the skills necessary to be successful in this role. They may ask questions about your presentation skills to see if you are confident enough to do so. In your answer, try to show them how comfortable you are with public speaking. Explain what steps you take to prepare for these types of situations.

Example: “I am very comfortable presenting to clients. I find it helpful to practice my pitch beforehand to ensure I can deliver it confidently. I also like to meet with the client ahead of time to learn more about them and their needs. This helps me tailor my pitch to them specifically.”

19. How familiar are you with investing terminology?

Guardian Life is a company that offers financial products, including life insurance and investment options. The interviewer may ask this question to determine your level of expertise in the field of investing. Use your answer to show that you have some knowledge about investments but are also willing to learn more if needed.

Example: “I am familiar with many different types of investments, such as stocks, bonds and mutual funds. I understand how these investments work and what factors can affect their performance. However, I would like to continue learning more about various investment strategies so that I can help my clients make informed decisions when choosing an investment plan.”

20. What do you look for in a manager?

Guardian is a large company with many different departments. The interviewer wants to know what you look for in a manager and how you would interact with your supervisor if hired by Guardian. Use examples from past managers that show the qualities you value most.

Example: “I have had several great managers throughout my career, but I think it’s important for a leader to be approachable and available to their team members. A good manager should also be able to delegate tasks effectively so employees can learn new skills and grow within the organization. In my last position, my manager was always willing to listen to my ideas and offer advice when needed. She was very knowledgeable about our industry and often shared her experiences with us so we could learn from her mistakes as well.”


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