20 Wells Fargo Interview Questions and Answers

Prepare for the types of questions you are likely to be asked when interviewing for a position at Wells Fargo.

When you go to an interview for a position at Wells Fargo, you can expect to be asked questions about your experience in the financial industry, your knowledge of banking products and services, and your ability to provide excellent customer service. The interviewer will also want to know about your ability to handle difficult situations and solve problems. To help you prepare for your interview, we have compiled a list of sample questions and answers that you may be asked.

Wells Fargo Interview Process

The interview process at Wells Fargo can vary depending on the position you are applying for. However, most positions will require at least one phone interview and one in-person interview. The interviews are generally behavioral based, so be prepared to answer questions about your past experiences. For some positions, like financial analyst and quantitative associate, you may also have to complete a written assessment or case study. Overall, the interview process is relatively quick and easy, although it may take up to a month to hear back from Wells Fargo after your initial application.

1. How would you handle an irate customer?

Wells Fargo is a large financial institution that deals with customers on a daily basis. The interviewer wants to know how you would handle an upset customer and ensure they leave the conversation satisfied. Use examples from your previous experience in handling difficult situations.

Example: “I have had several experiences where I’ve dealt with irate customers, but I always make sure to remain calm and listen to their concerns. In my last role as a teller at First National Bank, I had a customer who was unhappy with her account balance. She became increasingly agitated when I explained we could not provide her with more information about her account without her PIN number. After explaining this three times, she finally understood and left the bank.”

2. What are your long-term & short term goals?

Wells Fargo wants to know that you have a plan for your career and are willing to work hard to achieve it. Your answer should show the interviewer that you’re ambitious, but also realistic about how long it will take to get there.

Example: “I want to be a branch manager within five years. I’m currently working toward my CPA certification so that I can qualify for management positions. In the meantime, I would like to continue to build my customer service skills by taking on more responsibilities in my current role.”

3. Describe a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer or situation.

Interviewers may ask this question to learn more about your customer service skills. They want to know how you handle difficult situations and if you have the ability to diffuse them. In your answer, try to highlight your problem-solving skills and communication abilities.

Example: “In my previous role as a teller at a local bank, I had a customer who was upset because she didn’t receive her monthly statement in the mail that month. She wanted me to give her all of her statements from the past year so she could reconcile her account. I explained to her that we don’t send out monthly statements unless there is an issue with their account. She became increasingly frustrated, but I remained calm and told her I would be happy to help her once she calmed down. After a few minutes, she apologized for raising her voice and asked me to print out her statements.”

4. Why do you want to work at Wells Fargo?

This question is a great way for the interviewer to learn more about your interest in their company. When preparing for this question, make sure you read through the job description and highlight any aspects that are important to you.

Example: “I am interested in working at Wells Fargo because of its reputation as one of the most innovative banks in the country. I have always been passionate about technology and finance, so I would love to be part of a team that is constantly looking for new ways to improve customer service. Another reason why I want to work here is because of the company’s commitment to diversity. As someone who identifies as LGBTQ+, I know how important it is to have an inclusive workplace.”

5. Tell me about a time where you were successful in motivating others.

This question is a great way to show your leadership skills and how you can motivate others. When answering this question, it’s important to highlight the impact of your actions on the team or organization as a whole.

Example: “In my previous role, I was responsible for managing a small team of five people. One day, one of my employees came to me with concerns about their performance. They were worried that they would lose their job if they didn’t improve their performance. I assured them that we had faith in their abilities and that we wanted to help them succeed. We set up weekly check-ins where I could give feedback on their performance and provide resources to help them improve.”

6. How comfortable are you working on computerized systems?

Wells Fargo is a large financial institution that uses computerized systems to process transactions and manage customer accounts. Interviewers ask this question to determine if you have experience working on these types of systems and how comfortable you are with them. If you don’t have much experience, you can talk about your willingness to learn new technology.

Example: “I am very comfortable working on computerized systems. In my last role as an assistant manager at the bank, I was responsible for managing our online banking system. This included monitoring account activity, depositing checks and making deposits into customers’ accounts. I also had to make sure all employees were using the system correctly.”

7. What is the most important thing to remember when providing excellent customer service?

Interviewers may ask this question to learn more about your customer service skills and how you apply them in the workplace. When answering, consider what Wells Fargo values most when it comes to its customers.

Example: “The most important thing is to remember that each person I’m helping has their own unique needs. For example, a few years ago I had a client who was upset because they didn’t receive their monthly statement on time. I listened carefully to understand why they were so frustrated and then apologized for any inconvenience. Then, I offered to send another copy of the statement at no charge. The client was very happy with my solution and even referred me to a friend.”

8. Do you have any experience balancing cash drawers?

This question is a great way to determine how well you can perform basic cashier duties. If the company uses cash drawers, it’s important that all employees know how to balance them at the end of their shifts. This shows your attention to detail and ability to follow procedures.

Example: “I have worked as a cashier for several years now. I’ve had experience balancing cash drawers on a daily basis. It’s an easy process once you get used to it. I also use software that helps me keep track of my drawer balances.”

9. Are you comfortable handling and counting money, checks and coins?

This question is a good way to determine if you are comfortable with the daily tasks of working in a bank. It’s important that employees can handle cash and other financial documents, so it’s helpful for employers to know how much experience you have doing this. If you don’t have any prior experience handling money, be sure to explain what steps you would take to learn these skills.

Example: “I’ve worked as a teller at my local bank for five years now, so I’m very familiar with counting and sorting money. In fact, I recently took an online course on identifying counterfeit bills, which was quite interesting. I think I could apply some of those techniques to help me identify fake currency.”

10. If hired, how soon can you start?

Employers ask this question to make sure you’re ready to start work as soon as possible. They want someone who is motivated and excited about the job. When answering, be honest about your availability. If you need a few weeks to get settled in your current home or find childcare for your children, let them know.

Example: “I am available to start immediately. I have been looking for a new position for several months now, so I’m ready to begin my next career move.”

11. What is one of your biggest strengths as a leader?

This question is an opportunity to highlight your leadership skills and how they can benefit the company. When answering this question, think about what you are most proud of in your career so far. Consider mentioning a skill that you have developed over time or something that comes naturally to you.

Example: “One of my biggest strengths as a leader is my ability to remain calm under pressure. I’ve had many experiences where I was working with a team member who was nervous or unsure of themselves. In these situations, I try to be patient and supportive while also encouraging them to take on more responsibility. This has helped me develop relationships with other employees and build trust within my teams.”

12. What hours are you available to work?

Wells Fargo is a large company that operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The interviewer may ask this question to determine if you are willing to work these hours and how flexible your schedule is. If you have a full-time job already, be honest about the hours you can work. If you’re looking for more than one job, consider what hours you could work at Wells Fargo.

Example: “I am available to work any shift as long as I get enough sleep each night. I’m not sure of my availability on weekends yet, but I would like to find a job where I can work those shifts.”

13. How often do you like to be in contact with your team when managing a project?

Wells Fargo wants to know how you plan to communicate with your team members and other stakeholders. This is an important part of the job, so they want to make sure that you have experience in this area. When answering this question, it can be helpful to mention a specific time when you had to manage communication between multiple people or departments.

Example: “I like to meet with my team at least once per week to discuss progress on our projects. I find that weekly meetings are usually enough for me to stay up-to-date on what’s happening with each project. However, if there is something urgent that needs to be discussed, I am always available by phone or email.”

14. Give us an example of a time you worked well under pressure.

When answering this question, it can be helpful to provide an example of a time you were able to complete a task or project in a timely manner despite the pressure. This can show your ability to work under stress and how you manage deadlines.

Example: “In my last position as a loan processor, I was working on a large portfolio of loans that needed to be processed by the end of the day. The deadline was approaching quickly, but I managed to stay focused and process all of the loans before the end of the day. It helped that I had a team of other processors who also worked hard to meet the deadline.”

15. Would you say that you’re more of a team player or independent worker?

Wells Fargo is a large company that requires employees to work together. The interviewer wants to know if you’re willing to collaborate with others and how well you can communicate with your team members.

Example: “I’m definitely more of a team player, but I also have the ability to work independently when necessary. In my last position, I was part of a small team where we all had different responsibilities. However, we were able to support each other when needed. For example, one day I wasn’t feeling well so another member of our team took over for me while I went home early.”

16. Have you ever been asked to leave a position?

This question is a way for the interviewer to learn more about your character and how you handle challenges. When answering this question, it can be helpful to explain what happened and how you used that experience to grow as a professional.

Example: “I once worked at a small accounting firm where I was the only employee with an accounting background. The company grew quickly, and we hired several new employees who were not familiar with our processes. This led to some mistakes on my part, which caused me to lose confidence in my work. I took a few weeks off to study up on the company’s systems and procedures so I could feel confident again. After returning to work, I implemented new training programs for all of the new hires.”

17. Tell me about a time where you disagreed with a manager’s decision. How did you handle it?

Wells Fargo wants to know that you can respectfully disagree with a manager and still get your work done. This question also helps the interviewer determine how well you would fit in with their team.

Example: “I once had a manager who wanted us to sell more credit cards to customers, even if they didn’t want them. I disagreed because it was against our company’s policy to pressure people into buying things they don’t need. Instead, I suggested we offer free gift boxes for new accounts so customers could try out the products before committing to buy.”

18. Have you ever dealt with an angry or upset customer? How did you handle it?

Wells Fargo wants to know that you can handle difficult situations with customers. This is a great opportunity for you to show your problem-solving skills and ability to diffuse tense situations.

Example: “I once had a customer who was upset because they were having trouble accessing their account online. I asked them what the issue was, and they told me it wouldn’t let them log in. I apologized for the inconvenience and assured them we would resolve the issue as soon as possible. After some troubleshooting, I discovered there was an outage on our server. I called the customer back and informed them of the situation. They appreciated my honesty and understanding.”

19. What skills do you believe will help you succeed as a personal banker?

This question is an opportunity to show the interviewer that you have the skills and abilities needed for success in this role. When answering, it can be helpful to mention a skill or two that you feel confident using and explain how they will help you succeed as a personal banker at Wells Fargo.

Example: “I believe my communication and problem-solving skills are essential for success as a personal banker. As a customer service representative, I would need to communicate with customers about their accounts and answer any questions they may have. My ability to solve problems quickly and efficiently could also be beneficial when helping customers who may have questions about their account.”

20. How would you describe your communication style?

Wells Fargo wants to know how you interact with your team and clients. Your answer should show that you are a strong communicator who can work well with others.

Example: “I am an empathetic communicator, which means I try to understand the other person’s perspective before responding. This helps me respond in a way that is more likely to be understood by my audience. For example, when speaking with customers on the phone, I always make sure to repeat what they say so I can ensure I heard them correctly. Then, I ask questions to clarify their concerns.”


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